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My Friend, Tyler, is the fastest person I know.  He effortlessly churns out sub 6 minute miles, wins (almost) all local 5ks, and makes it look easy.  He was a distance runner for Providence College in his earlier years, having success in a nationally ranked program.  Last year he trained all winter to do his...
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  On to Part 2!  I notice the majority of people’s back pain is due to excessive extension-or lordosis-which leads to facet joint compression and eventual inflammation.  Your facets are the joints that connect one vertebrae to the next.  The more extended your spine is, the more those facet joints get crunched.  To unload or...
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Ok, time to decipher your results to see which exercise would be best to address your needs.  Find the scenario below that pertains to you.  Understand that if you are experiencing new or ‘acute’ low back pain, these are likely not the best options for alleviating your heightened symptoms of muscle spasm and potential radiating...
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