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Foam rolling is a great way to release and knead out muscle spasms and knots.  Years ago I never would have been caught dead suggesting a patient of mine roll their tight muscles, thinking it was just a torture device that added no value.  Man has my tune changed over the years as I’ve begun...
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Being hunched in front of a computer working and stressing about life right now is likely leading to predictable aches and pains.  Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain to name a few.  Today’s post is to review a few exercises to take the muscle tightness and tension out of your day. First, here is an...
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My Friend, Tyler, is the fastest person I know.  He effortlessly churns out sub 6 minute miles, wins (almost) all local 5ks, and makes it look easy.  He was a distance runner for Providence College in his earlier years, having success in a nationally ranked program.  Last year he trained all winter to do his...
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Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints that I have helped my clients manage and conquer over the years.  The vast majority of shoulder problems are products of lifestyle and occupational habits vs. traumatic injury.  Impingement pain, bursitis, and tendonitis are the overuse syndromes that plague many…and they are extremely avoidable!  I have...
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Welcome to our brand new site! We are off and running not only with our new website, but we have also opened our new training facility in Newtonville! Our new business and individual practices are booming since we ventured from our previous jobs to set out on our own. Please have a look around…you can...
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