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Foam rolling is a great way to release and knead out muscle spasms and knots.  Years ago I never would have been caught dead suggesting a patient of mine roll their tight muscles, thinking it was just a torture device that added no value.  Man has my tune changed over the years as I’ve begun...
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Being hunched in front of a computer working and stressing about life right now is likely leading to predictable aches and pains.  Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain to name a few.  Today’s post is to review a few exercises to take the muscle tightness and tension out of your day. First, here is an...
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Today’s video is to help determine if your neck pain is coming from actual dysfunction in your neck or from stiffness in your middle back.  Understand that there are many causes for people’s neck discomfort,  and this post can provide a very simple fix for many of you.  Very often clients complain of pain with...
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Ok, now that you have performed your little self test, let’s review what you can do to help alleviate the neck pain you feel when you look down. Scenario 1: Limited motion and tightness when seated and looking down.  Improved motion and no pain  when you passively range your neck into flexion while lying on...
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