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Being hunched in front of a computer working and stressing about life right now is likely leading to predictable aches and pains.  Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain to name a few.  Today’s post is to review a few exercises to take the muscle tightness and tension out of your day.

First, here is an easy one to do throughout your day when you take a break from sitting and can stand to stretch…it’s all about pinching those shoulder blades together and drawing them down as low as you can go.

If you have access to a foam roller, here is a great stretch to open up your chest or pectorals.  Your ‘pecs’ cause many neck and shoulder problems, keeping them appropriately flexible is a must.  To get the most out of this exercise make sure you keep your core engaged to flatten your low back into the roller.  Keep it engaged the entire time, you will get a much more substantial stretch if you do!

Lastly, let’s talk about postural stability.  Every active person requires control of their trunk, particularly when on a single leg.  If I am holding a full grocery bag in each hand and try to balance on one foot, there are many muscles in your hips, core and shoulders that have to work hard to keep me from falling.  You might note it is easy on one leg but quite challenging on the other.  People coming off an injury develop significant weakness in their trunk stabilizers, especially if he/she spent an extended period of time non-weight bearing on crutches.  Plank exercises work on abdominal control.  Carries work on postural control.  Try this march exercise to see if you can equally balance on each foot.  As your control improves, attempt to march across the room without falling from side to side.  Stand tall, lift your knee higher than the height of your hip, don’t lean back, don’t fall forward, practice to become more posturally (?) stable!

Have fun and don’t be afraid to reach out with questions!