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Being hunched in front of a computer working and stressing about life right now is likely leading to predictable aches and pains.  Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain to name a few.  Today’s post is to review a few exercises to take the muscle tightness and tension out of your day. First, here is an...
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Making sure the mobility of your SI joint is adequate can certainly help to reduce symptoms of pain that you may experience in your low back, hips, gluteals, and even mildly radiating down your leg.  These relatively crude self tests can certainly highlight a side that might be too rigid or ‘stuck,’ performing the exercises...
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  On to Part 2!  I notice the majority of people’s back pain is due to excessive extension-or lordosis-which leads to facet joint compression and eventual inflammation.  Your facets are the joints that connect one vertebrae to the next.  The more extended your spine is, the more those facet joints get crunched.  To unload or...
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