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Foam rolling is a great way to release and knead out muscle spasms and knots.  Years ago I never would have been caught dead suggesting a patient of mine roll their tight muscles, thinking it was just a torture device that added no value.  Man has my tune changed over the years as I’ve begun noticing the lovely aches and pains that come with aging…the foam roller is now my good friend!  I focus on movement mechanics for my clients, essentially trying to realign people’s bodies and get them to use their muscles the way they were designed to be used.  There are few instances where people have shortened muscles that do not have proper length or flexibility.  Most often a muscle is guarded or in spasm because it is doing a job that is unfamiliar.  Releasing that muscle tension goes way further in my rehab world than passively stretching that muscle.  Again, the muscle doesn’t need to be longer, it just needs to tone down and relax.   If you experience hip, back, and general leg tightness and/or discomfort throughout your day, try these foam rolling options to help release your pain!