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Solving Your Neck Pain: Does it Hurt When You Look Up or Rotate?

Today’s video is to help determine if your neck pain is coming from actual dysfunction in your neck or from stiffness in your middle back.  Understand that there are many causes for people’s neck discomfort,  and this post can provide a very simple fix for many of you.  Very often clients complain of pain with looking up and with rotating to the right or to the left.  Frequently, the neck pain they experience is due to limited mobility of their middle back, or thoracic spine.  If you find that is where your pain comes from, refer to the exercise videos below to find out how to relieve your discomfort!

If you noted relief from your neck pain when looking up from a slumped position try these two exercises:

If you experienced relief from your pain with rotation when you rotated your trunk in the opposite direction, try this:

I hope this helps, good luck!